General Info: Aquaplex was designed specifically to accommodate competition water skiing at the "World Record" level. It was built on a 60-acre site in 1985 with dual lakes occupying approximately 36 acres. Lake level is maintained by run-off from a 1600 acre watershed. A lake length of 2500 feet provides generous set-ups for each of the 2 record capability slalom courses and jump course. Lake widths range from 250 to 330 feet while lake depth is in the 8 to 10 foot range. Shorelines are sloped at a 10:1 ratio to eliminate roll-back of boat wakes into the courses. Every skier knows that water is a little different everywhere. Some ski very fast, others seem overly slow. The physical properties of the water itself can make as big of a difference in the quality of skiing performances as the actual design of the shorelines and set-ups. Aquaplex enjoys a reputation for "easy" water. It's high to medium viscosity offers dependable declaration in the turns while allowing excellent acceleration behind the boat. It's water that can really help "hold" slalom or jump skis when the skier needs it most. The lake slalom record of scores into 41 off stands as sufficient proof of the quality performance possible at this state of the art, built for skiing site.

The slalom lake contains judges' towers, which are 3 meters above the water and located at 44-degree angles to the entrance gates on each end of the course. Submerged magnets installed on the entrance gates and boat guides facilitate electronic timing. The course is record capable, made up of buoys attached to individual screw anchors, surveyed in before the lakes were filled. Prevailing southeasterly winds have been limited by aggressive landscaping program. More than 250 trees have been planted on the shoreline which are fed throughout the summer by 8,000-foot drip irrigation system. Bald Cypress, Sycamore, Ash, Cottonwood, and Crepe Myrtle offer both shade and wind protection for skiers and spectators alike.

The jump/ trick lake is equipment with permanent trick judging towers that meet IWSF specifications and an elaborate 3 box video jump measurement system that enables world record accuracy measurement on all jumps in the range of 20 to 260 feet. The 2500-foot lake provides the set-ups required if world record jump distances are to be achieved. The jump course is considered one of the safest in the United States with the ramp located approximately 40 meters from the nearest shoreline and water depths in 6-8 foot range.
A scoring tower, with excellent view of both lakes, is located between the lakes on the north end. The lower level of the tower houses a concession stand for skiers and spectators. Officials and staff may be comfortably accommodated in an air-conditioned clubhouse resting between assignments. There is also a judges tower on the berm between the two lakes.

Spectators (During Tournaments Only): There is virtually no limit to the number of spectators the site will accommodate. 30 acres of parking space is available and more could be borrowed from neighboring fields if necessary. Viewing acres on the east side of the slalom lake and west side of the jump lake and on the land separating the two lakes will easily accommodate 10,000-20,000 people.